Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer: Professional Ceramic Blow Dryer

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Thanks to the right combination of air flow, heat and power this professional ionic ceramic hair dryer reduces drying time by more than 30%. Quiet, light weight and perfectly balanced, its air flow hydrates and makes hair glossy, eliminating static electricity thanks to the ionic ceramic system. Includes the electromagnetic wave protection system (LOW EMF).

* Ideal for all hair types: Hairstyles that last longer
* Ionic-ceramic systems: Nourishes the hair, making it shinier and more hydrated
* Versatile: Perfect hair styling even at low speeds
* Innovative ergonomics: The weight is distributed over the forearm, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome and strain to the wrist
* Built-in silencer: Reduces noise pollution in the salon
* Low electromagnetic emissions: An ally to your health
* Elegant design: Exclusively furnishes the salon