Label.M Blue Highlighting Toner 5.07 oz / 150 ml

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Instant blue highlights and funky looks which wash away Stand out from the crowd with instant blue highlights! label.m Blue Highlighting Toner enables you to unleash your creativity and style but there’s no risk because your new colour will simply wash away. Lightweight and easy to use, this highlighter gives your hair soft, touchable style and a pleasing sheen. You can dare to dazzle and explore your new ideas whether you are looking for a complete transformation or funky accents to liven up your look. Spray onto your roots to conceal the colour of new growth, create focal points or section your locks and tint the bottom layer for your own take on the cool ombre look. With so many options at your fingertips you will never run out of new styles to lift your mood. Spray onto dry hair for immediate results or layer the toner until your hair is damp and then blow-dry for more intense blue. Benefits Amazing blue Creates highlights or a complete colour change Instant effects Washes away Metallic sheen Soft feel Directions for Use Shake well Hold can roughly 20cm from your hair Spray on to dry hair where desired For more intense colour, reapply until hair is wet and then blow-dry.