Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo & Moisturizing Rinse Conditioner 10 oz Set / Duo

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Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo (10 oz.): Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo is designed to add moisture and protection to all hair types and is excellent for dry, damaged hair. - Sulfate and paraben free - Gently cleanses chemically treated, damaged hair - Replenishes moisture with no heavy build-up - Protects from harsh daily environmental elements.

Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse, (10 oz.): Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse is a daily conditioner that gently nourishes, detangles, moisturizes and protects leaving hair soft, manageable and ready to style. - Gently detangles - Nourishes and protects - Leaves hair soft and manageable - Provides UV protection - Reduces static