Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner 16.9 oz

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For a cooling, gentle conditioner that will leave your hair feeling amazing, try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner. It refreshes your hair without weighing it down so you are left feeling clean and reinvigorated. This conditioner works for many different hair types because it does not only moisturize hair, but it also relaxes worked-up hair, detangles knots and reduces frizz. Overall you are left with hair that is clean and healthy from the inside out. The company uses natural ingredients such as lavender, peppermint and of course tea tree oil so that your hair does not have to deal with any more harsh chemicals. Between stress and styling, your hair goes through enough every day, so use a conditioner that protects it. All the natural ingredients work together both to revitalize hair and also to seal in moisture so that it is less susceptible to damage and dehydration throughout the day. After shampooing, apply a small amount and work through your hair and rinse out. This is formulated so that it can be used daily if desired.