SEVEN 7 Color Conditioner 33.8 oz

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A nourishing colour treated hair conditioner to prevent hair colour from fading. The Rinzu collection from SEVEN haircare is dedicated to healing colour treated hair while protecting it from heat, sun, and colour-stripping environmental stress. Other luxury products from this collection: To colour your hair, the exterior cuticle is lifted in order to deposit colour. That means the shine, resilience and general health of your hair can suffer. If you have colour treated hair, your cleansing routine can also strip moisture, causing hair to feel dry and colour to fade quickly. Specifically formulated for those who dye their hair, Rinzu colour conditioner is gentle and effective, extending the life of your colour with a balanced blend of amino acids that also strengthen and moisturise. Our luxury hair products are created by and for stylists and we know what is most important to them: touchable, naturally beautiful hair, and products that truly perform. With SEVEN, you can expect high shine shampoos, conditioners that moisturise and repair, and styling products that add volume and glossy dimension. SEVEN is committed to the highest luxury beauty standards. That starts with being clear about what is in our products. We use more than 70 natural ingredients, including oils, botanicals, and antioxidants to give you hair that looks and feels healthy and weightless. SEVEN haircare is committed to giving you the luxury treatment your hair deserves. Details matter, including sultry fragrances that gently linger while never overpowering your experience. Driven to excellence by stylists in our thriving salon, SEVEN haircare marries the highest-grade natural ingredients with modern technology to give you gorgeous, healthy, wearable hairevery day. The expertise of more than 50 stylists. A commitment to clear beauty. The details matter. Results-driven, luxury haircare.